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Results driven and solutions oriented

Company was founded late 2018 on the back of expertise from its founders and solid relationships built over the years with some of the world’s key industry leaders

Focal Fact is an expert network services firm headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. We work with companies around the world that tap into institutional knowledge by leveraging expertise and insights from industry leading experts.

Client firms work with us because they trust us to deliver them best quality services every time with a flexible and client-centric approach.

Experts consult with us because they share a common goal and interest of helping those who seek to learn and advancing their own knowledge.  

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The entire experience with Focal Fact from engagement to completion of the consultancy work was seamless and pleasant. I like their approach when engaging their consultancy expert as they first approached me by a short email and then held a short phone call with 5 short questions to assess my knowledge in the particular area of interest in order to evaluate how it matches their clients expectations. I worked with other consultancy firms before and never had this process, which shows how serious they are for their clients. I also liked the fact they they got in touch with me using different media in order to remind me the time of the consultancy work. Very useful. As far as payment, the process is fairly quick and secure
I consult with several other Firms. This was my first experience working with Focal Fact. I could not have asked for a smoother assignment. The description of the request was clear, setting up the call was simple and call with the clients was fruitful and productive. The best part was setting up payment and receiving funds was so easy and fast. I would highly recommend Focal Fact. I look forward to working with them again in the near future

Quality and relationships come first! Making sure every interaction is a value-add for Expert Members and Clients is paramount to long-term success

Client-centric approach

We go above and beyond to understand our Clients’ requirements. We know each and every project is unique. This creates a level of complexity that we are aiming to address. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to working with professionals, each requiring a different workflow. Clients return to us because they trust in our delivery of consulting projects.

Expert Members experience UNSURPASSED

There are many benefits of becoming an Expert Member with Focal Fact. Your time is always compensated, consultations and work is organized around your schedule and availability. We scale your exposure to some of the most influential firms in the world. Expert Members understand that by sharing the information with our Clients they, in turn, also learn how industry leading financial and professional services firms are thinking about their industries.

We are the experts and the creators you can trust on for a perfect solution to your needs.

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