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​Sharing of information can take place at any time and at via a variety of communication modes

From phone consultations to in-depth and long-term project, all interactions that happen with and through Focal Fact all are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Consulting

What it means is that there is safety in mind to know we pay attention to any possible arising conflict and manage the visibility of conflict to the highest standards. We do so by proactively screening our Expert Members’ restrictions to consult on different subjects and keep this information safe and invite them to project opportunities that not only match their expertise but also when we feel there is no conflict.

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Phone, Virtual and Written Support

Phone consultations happen directly between a Client firm and an Expert Member. Clients would often send a list of topics in advance of the call for an Expert Member to review and be prepared for the discussion that, as an average, lasts 30-90 minutes. Typically a Client would call an Expert member directly at a mutually agreed time or we will program a conference call to with local dial-in details for all participants.

Video conferences happen directly between a Client firm and an Expert Member. Similar to phone consultations, a Client would often send a list of topics in advance of the conference and the video conference would last, on average, 60-90 minutes. We use Webex subscriptions to program a video conference for all video conference participants. What is different is that most often video conferences are attended by multiple professionals from the Client side.

Written reports are often requested by Clients who seek to capture more quantitative information or generally believe that such information would be challenging to cover in a short phone or video conference. The expectations and deliverables are clearly scoped out with a clearly defined schedule of works before any work is commissioned.

On-site and Long-term Support

A popular way to engage an Expert Member is to invite him or her to join the Client on-site to help solve a problem. Since these projects require an Expert Member to be in a city and country where the Client is, logistics and travel is organized on behalf of an Expert Member to make the process as seamless as possible. Typical case studies for such projects are: due diligence support, internal company structure or processes review, etc. 

Clients can also seek longer-term support from one of the Expert Members. This may mean an Expert Member to be asked to join the Board of Directors, serve as an external Senior Advisor to the Client firm, etc. While such projects are more less frequent in nature, Clients and Expert Members build a great mutually beneficial relationship.

Clients may also request an Expert Member or a Focal Fact representative to act as their Project Management Advisor and interview other Expert Members on their behalf and thereafter synthesize the results. This is quite common for projects where a quick turn-around time is needed, or Client in-house capabilities are insufficient to carry out an extensive project such as this.

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